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Hotel and hostel participating in the VIVE-IBT Program would offer you a RoamFone for you to use for the duration of your stay with them to make and receive mobile roaming telephone calls at low-rates that represent savings of 55%-75%.
RoamFone is a courtesy phone provided by VIVE FZE free of charge to the user who must purchase credit to cover the cost of usage before they can use the RoamFone service.
The applicable per minute charge for making or receiving a call is given under Rates of the menu bar above.

Steps to sign up and use RoamFone service:

Register as user

Register as a user in the secured section of this website by clicking on Open Account.

Purchase Credit

To purchase credit, you may select to buy credit in amounts of US$20, US$50 or US$100. Payment for the purchase can be made on line through PayPal or Moneybookers.

Start Calling/Texting

When you have credit amount in your account with RoamFone system, you may make and receive telephone calls and send and receive text messages.

RegistrationYou need to have the serial no. of the RoamFone that you get from the hotel or hostel for the registration.

At the completion of the registration, the RoamFone system issue to you:

  • a user name which is your email address
  • a unique password
  • a telephone number that is +1-NXX-XXXX (telephone number of USA or Canada) that you can use for receiving incoming calls

Purchase CreditYou may make payment for the purchase by VISA and Mastercard with a separate written authorization that you make on a Payment Authorization Form that you can obtain from the hotel or hostel Reception.

The unused remaining amount of credit at the end your stay will be refunded to you through your credit card less a handling fee of US$5.

We accept:

PayPal MoneyBookers

All telephone calls must be dialed in the format for making international calls:

+<the telephone number beginning with the country code>

For example, to call a mobile number in India +91 98111 03184, you will dial the numbers as


When you make a call, the called party will see the +1-NXX-XXXX number that has been issued to you for use to receive calls. The called party may return your call by calling the +1-NXX-XXXX.

Texting and receiving text messages

You may send text messages (SMS) in the usual way. But note that the receiving party will see a mobile number of the format +44 77 00 0X XX XX as the sender’s (your) mobile number and they (the receiving party) can send you a text message to your

+44 77 00 0X XX XX which is the global roaming telephone number of the RoamFone.

The applicable rates for sending SMS are given under Rates in the menu bar. There is no charge for receiving incoming SMS.

Full Accountability

With your User Name and Password you can access your personal account with RoamFone system to view details of Call Records and Billing and Account Balance at any time. You have full visibility and accountability of all the transactions that you have concerning the use of the RoamFone service.